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The Art and Science of Formulation
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Proces Development and Optimization
Following development of any new formulated product, commercialization is often gated by effective transition from the lab into real world manufacturing.  Although a composition may seem straightforward on the bench, scale-up to large volume production/packaging may require considerable investment.  More often than not, processing issues are coupled with many complex technical and business constraints.
In both large and small organizations, its tempting to underestimate the scope of process development and optimization.  Seemingly trivial aspects of scale-up may evolve into major barriers.   Given the number of things that must go right, its easy for glitches to prove time consuming and costly.   Often, its wise to draw upon process development professionals who can help anticipate likely issues and efficiently diffuse them.
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Process Dev.
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Skin Care Cream Being Emulsified in a Large Process kettle
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Our experts understand that initial formulation is just the tip of a huge commercialization iceberg (with process development gating success).  We've spent many years helping clients wade through associated issues and provide comprehensive related support.
Part of our mission is to offer broad technical expertise spanning many process technologies (ranging from blending, mixing, and emulsification to filling, packaging, and extrusion).  Across a huge range of processes, we apply state of the art experimental techniques to analysis and optimization.  From initial process conceptualization through final benchmarking and validation, we offer expertise and execution.
Another key component of our mission is integration of technical know-how with deep understanding of business needs (particularly with respect to manufacturing cost/efficiency).  We work hard to assure our process development/optimization services are driven by underlying business requirements/needs.
Whether working with a start-up opportunity, or extension of a large existing processing base, its our job to help clients anticipate and solve processing problems.....even before they become problems.  In addition, we aren't doing our job effectively unless our work integrates seamlessly into overall internal commercialization efforts.
Accordingly, we work with clients in the area of process development/optimization in many flexible ways (tailoring our approach to fit individual needs).  Whether your team simply needs help resolving a few crucial questions, or turn-key overall process development/optimization, we are happy to help.
We offer initial process development and optimization evaluations on a complimentary basis, and hope to discuss how we may be able to help you succeed in any related effort.   Please give us a call to get started today!