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The Art and Science of Formulation
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Testing, Validation, and Quality Control
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With development of new formulated products and related processes, many needs arise for laboratory testing.   In early stages of product development, compositions must be tested relative to application and processing requirements (for efficacy, microbiological preservation, chemical/physical stability, processibility/rheology, etc.).  Later, testing may be required for process optimization, regulatory validation, IP protection, and routine QC.
Often, new test methods must be developed within the context of requirements for regulatory compliance and cost.  Needs also arise for tests designed to support documentation of inventions, patenting, and requirements for applications data.
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Dealing with the need for laboratory testing is a basic part of our mission.  In connection with development of new compositions, we routinely encounter nearly every type of lab testing problem imaginable.  Accordingly, we are intimately familiar with related requirements and experienced in how to meet them.
With a full compliment of laboratory capabilities (ranging from analytical GC to microbiology), its often possible for SSI to offer off the shelf lab solutions.  However, new applications often demand new test methods.  So, SSI offers analysis of lab requirements together with development of capability to meet them. Commonly, we even design and implement testing fixtures, devices, and software in our instrument/machine shop.
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The Official Volume of FDA Regulations Concerning Good Practices for the Manufacture of Drugs
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As formulators, we understand that testing provides a crucial window on the performance and viability of a product (and associated processes).  Further, we believe cost effective accomplishment of good lab work is crucial to ultimate business success.  So, we help clients achieve results in this important area as part of our basic mission.
Since every need for lab work is different, and may target diverse problems (ranging from process qualification to submission of patent examples), we offer many different lab services.  However big or small, whether pure consulting or actual test execution, we tailor solutions to meet individual client needs.
We offer initial lab testing evaluations on a complimentary basis. Please give us a call and let's get started today!