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Local Area Attractions
Suggested Activities Near SSI
If you are in the area for the weekend, or have extra time during your visit, we hope these interesting/fun places may prove of interest.
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Pinehurst Golfing
Pinehurst is world famous for its golf courses and resorts.  Since 1895 this beautiful  area in the NC sandhills has attracted legends (both players and course designers).  A must for any golf enthusiast!  For many, playing Pinehurst No.2 is among the most coveted experiences in golf. Many day packages and deals are available.
World Famous Pinehurst Number 2 Golf Course on a Sunny Day
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Huge Chest of Drawers Monument in High Point North Carolina
High Point furniture
Just up I-73/74 from SSI, furniture outlets attract visitors from everywhere.  In this heart of US furniture manufacturing, the selection and cost are truly unbelievable.  Most outlets specialize in shipping purchases to far corners of the world.  Many SSI visitors arrange to spend time shopping in this unique home interiors wonderland.
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Morrow Mountain State Park/Uwharrie National Forest/Lake Tillery
To the East of SSI, the rolling Uwharrie mountains offer and some of the most remote wilderness in the Eastern US.  Lake Tillery runs through this area with Morrow Mountain along its Western edge.  If you enjoy natural scenery, the drive to Morrow Mountain State Park is a treat.  Once there, the park offers vistas at the peak, hiking, picnicking, etc.
KEYWORDS: NC Zoological Park Asheboro
KEYWORDS: Morrow Mountain State Park
View of Lake Tillary from the top of Morrow Mountain
Male Lion's Face at North Carolina Zoo
North Carolina Zoo
Within minutes of SSI North Carolina boasts one of the best zoos in the country.  Renown for open vistas and free range enclosures, the park offers a natural experience beyond that of typical zoos (many times the size and scope of the National Zoo in Washington, DC).  Choose from different walks (African grassland to Arctic coast).